About PhilippineHomepage.com

PhilippineHomepage.com is a Philippine real estate portal showcasing “FOR SALE” and “FOR RENT” properties from different developers and owners. It is a web marketplace where all developers meet under one roof.

The Portal has LIVE AGENTS Trained to Handle

  • Booking and reservation of
    • Condo Hotel
    • Apartments
    • Vacation Houses
    • Resorts Accommodation

  • Inquiries such as availability of
    • Units
    • Sample Computations; and
    • Financing Options

  • Documents Processing of
    • Buying of Condominium
    • Financing
    • Ex-pats Investment
    • Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)
    • Retirement in the Philippines, among others.

  • Scheduling of site visit of the property.
watch some of the recent developments in the Philippines as of 1st quarter 2014