About Us

PhilippineHomepage.com is designed to make real estate transactions easy, hassle-free, and cost-free by pooling almost all, if all is not possible, the developers in the country in one stoppage – making Philippinehomepage.com the no. 1 page that connects with hundreds of developers not only in the Philippines but even international properties.  It aims to bring all the developers under one roof without (free) cost on the part of the buyer or seller.

The canvassing (inquiring)  and processing of your purchase of condo units or house is made easy through us!   This setup came into realization through the active support of partner-real estate developers by providing our system and staff with the updated prices list, inventories, new updates, promos and discounts, open house schedules, and by conducting staff training.

Our real estate professionals are  guided by the NATIONAL CODE OF ETHICS FOR THE REALTY SERVICE PRACTICE and uphold :

  1. To protect and promote the interest of our clients without in any manner sacrificing the legitimate interest of the project developer/owner.
  2. To assist our customer to acquire possession and ownership of the real property bought in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon;
  3. To be a government compliant by securing required permits and licenses in the business and profession and pay correct taxes.
  4. To be an advocate of the compliance of the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines (RESA).